Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stop crawling... pace up!!

My Ph.D defense is coming up in December. I better hurry and pace up. When I was 7, I thought about a great deal of things about academic research and becoming a Ph.D. But I always thought of them in future tense. Time is truly incredible.

In any case, I just sent out another manuscript to Journal of Experimental Biology about my studies on the hydrostatic skeleton on caterpillars... three chapters of my thesis done... now onto the fourth one: soft-bodied robots.

Well, thesis writing requires a lot of integration and I've been organizing all my research files in my multiple hard drives as well as lab notes on paper. It's a very tedious yet enlightening process. I realize that my blog updates have been slowing down and infrequent. Well, that's because I begin to invest most of my writing power on my publications and thesis. Sometimes, after going through so much organization, I am left with no energy and patience to write anymore.

Nevertheless, hosting a blog is a commitment. I will post some update on my kinematics-dynamics simultaneous recording of ballistic rolling caterpillar robots in a week. In the mean time, I just release the Costa Rica Fieldwork Journal Part 3, which has been in my draft box for months. Sorry about that!! I will do better...

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