Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The missing post released!!

Dear readers,

There has been one missing post about the DARPA meeting which I started back in October but never finished. The reason was quite simple: I wanted to wait for better graphics. In any case, since I was orchestrating the live robotic demos for Tufts, there was no way I could take photographs as I always do. It turned out that it was not allowed anyways. DARPA actually hired prefessional film crew and photographers for the event.

Two months has gone by since the event so it's not news anymore. Nevertheless I thought some of you might be interested in reading my story a few days before the meeting! Now, according to the non-disclosure document I signed, I am not supposed to share anything I saw at the meeting. So in this post, I simply described what happened the very last week before the meeting in the labs. The ME professor that I worked with on this project said: "(It was) the most stressful/intense academic experience that I've gone through". Indeed, for the last month we worked at least 15 hours everyday. To hear more, see October 11 post which is newly released.

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