Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Huai-Ti is up for the DARPA challenge -- 21 days countdown!

With all these robotics attempts, Huai-Ti has taken up the DARPA challenge together with several fellow Tufts roboticists. According to the ChemBot Phase-I challenge, a soft robot has to be produced for covert access.

Primary challenges:
1. Cover 5m in 20min (average speed at 25cm/min)
2. Reduce the largest dimension via morphing (10 fold)
3. Traverse an arbitrary 1cm opening
4. Reform original functions and capabilities

This effort will be evaluated in a live robot demonstration in exactly three weeks or 21 days. Other ChemBot teams include Harvard, MIT, and U. Chicago. We must not look bad in front of them. Start the count down, and wish me good luck. Go Jumbo!!

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