Thursday, July 9, 2009

My UK trip

Having been back to Boston just last night, my first surprise this morning was seeing my chaotic room from my bed. I guess the hectic preparation for this UK trip had sped up the entropy evolution since the second week of June. Nevertheless, I was not discouraged by the mess a bit. What I gained the most from this trip was "motivation". Perhaps meeting more people who appreciate my research made my doing more meaningful. After transfering the dirty clothes from the suitcase to the laundry machine, I started cleaning my room. In the afternoon, I headed straight to the lab to pick up my projects. It's so good to feel motivated.

By the way, today I observed a caterpillar that curves around a rod, trying to crawl onto its own back. As it encountered its dorsal horn, it took a bite. I have seen dogs chasing their own tails but seeing a hornworm trying to eat its own horn was really something more attractive than a gossip. Perhaps this particular caterpillar was somewhat unusual, but it certainly made me doubt caterpillars' self-awareness.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! So funny, the caterpillar chasing her own tail.

    What a surprise!
    to soft-body worms there are something mentality is similar to dogs a Mammals.